Used car buying guide: Alfa Romeo GTV

It fed all its power rather brazenly to the front wheels but didn’t suffer much as a result (although aftermarket diffs are quite common), and it had the flair and sheer dynamic competence of something far more expensive.

Everyone knows, of course, that Alfa Romeos are made of cheese, so the GTV was hopelessly unreliable, right? Wrong. Buy one now and you will have to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, but this is, after all, a very old car. Back in the day, they gave many delighted owners many miles of largely trouble-free motoring, somewhat to everyone’s surprise.

For sure, take on board what our expert says and watch out for those difficult to source parts, but find a good one and this little jewel might still make you feel young again

How to get one in your garage

1 Used car buying guide: Alfa Romeo GTV

An expert’s view

Adrian Jardine, Alfa Aid: “The most important thing to note is that the Twin Spark engine uses oil and will blow up if not looked after. The V6 is great. It does have an oil cooler whose pipes will corrode through and empty the sump in about 10 seconds, though. Watch out for the airflow meters on both versions and the throttle potentiometers.

“The exhausts rot over time, as can the radiators. The sunroof rusts and its motors can seize, which is an expensive fix. The Cup racing version is very rare and definitely worth more, even though the mechanicals are the same. If you’re interested, definitely buy now, because prices are on the up.”

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