What’s The Worst Electric Vehicle You Can Buy Right Now?

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You hear it said often: We’re living through an exciting, significant time in the history of the automobile. Whether or not you agree with the statement — or perhaps are more concerned rather than excited — things are indeed changing. Electric vehicles still comprise only a few percent of new registrations, but almost every brand offers at least one. That makes now a good time to ask: which is the worst?

On the whole, EVs are getting better all the time because technology is getting better all the time. Today’s most middling Nissan Leaf is vastly preferable to practically any battery-electric compliance car from a decade ago. And yet there are still bad propositions out there. In fact, my nomination for the worst happens to be rather new: the Mazda MX-30.

The MX-30 is elegant in the way that all modern Mazdas are, but it’s almost impossible to justify. The brand’s first EV starts at about $35,000 before a federal tax credit and has a range of only 100 miles; it also lacks a frunk and isn’t even particularly quick (not that EVs have to be — it would just be nice considering what you’re paying). The rear-hinged doors are neat and the interior looks lovely, but I don’t have to tell you those don’t make up for the dealbreakers here. At least the only people who could be disappointed by it are Californians, because the MX-30 is only sold in the Golden State at the moment.

But there are so many other unconvincing electric cars out there, and the MX-30 is but one. What’s your pick for an EV that makes the worst case for the death of the internal combustion engine? Let us know in the comments and we’ll round up some of your selections in tomorrow’s Answers Of The Day. Fair warning: responses that read “all of them” will not be eligible for submission.

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