Why not just require the financial literacy course that’s already taught?

Already being taught

I teach high school econ and am glad for Florida’s new financial literacy law | Column, March 31

I have been confused about this for some time. It’s not that financial literacy isn’t important, it’s just that the subject is already covered by family and consumer science teachers. They have been teaching it for years. I’m not sure why we needed a bill for this. Why not just make an existing course a graduation requirement? An amendment to the existing K-12 education statutes was all that was ever needed. If newer material needed to be added, change the course framework. Don’t the folks in Tallahassee, including the Department of Education, know what courses are already being taught?

Rob Bennett, Valrico

We’re the problem

High car insurance rates

Is it any wonder that Florida has among the highest auto insurance rates in the country? Could it be that Florida drivers are among the rudest and least courteous drivers in the United States? I have driven in every state and in several foreign countries, and Florida drivers take the prize for aggressive driving. I have been driving in Florida since 1970, and it just gets worse every year. The most dangerous thing I have ever done is drive on an interstate here. That includes 420 days in combat. Flood insurance and exposure to hurricanes are beyond our control, but when it comes to car insurance, the problem is us.

Tony Delcavo, Bradenton

How about parental education?

DeSantis signs so-called ‘don’t say gay’ bill | March 28

Every day I read about how our governor wants more parental involvement in the way teachers teach. But how about having teachers involved in how parents parent? For example, how about getting teachers involved in such things having kids ready for learning, how to behave in the classrooms and the many problems that teachers have to deal with because of poor parenting? As for those parents who complain, I would like to see them volunteer to help in the classrooms so they can see firsthand what teachers — I’m a retired teacher — have to deal with everyday.

Richard Pearson, Dunedin

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