Yamaha Takes YOU Rent Motorbike Program Entirely Online In Italy

Think all the way back to November, 2019 if you can. I know, it seems like so long ago, right? Anyway, in addition to feeling like it was another life, it’s also when Yamaha Motor Europe started its Yamaha YOU Rent program in France. At launch, you could rent a selection of Yamaha’s finest new bikes and scooters available in the French market, for as little or as much time as you wanted. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? 

Fast-forward to March, 2022, and Yamaha Motor Europe has improved the Yamaha YOU Rent program in Italy! If you’ve been wanting to explore the beauty of Italy while riding a bike, but you don’t live nearby—or maybe you do live nearby, but you don’t own a bike, this is the perfect opportunity. Visitors can fly in and rent a bike, of course—and locals can rent a bike, too.  

While the rental program isn’t news on its own, Yamaha recently shifted its YOU Rent program in Italy so users can do every single thing online. Previously, you could choose a bike, and then choose the location to rent it. The only bottleneck was that you’d have to wait for dealer confirmation in order to go pick up the bike and be on your way.  

With the new, improved Yamaha YOU Rent program in Italy, though, everything is now available online. Choose a bike, choose a location, arrange pickup, and pay for your rental—all online, with no worries. Did this evolution arise in part because the global pandemic has boosted contactless payment schemes in general? That seems pretty likely, but it’s also probably beside the point when it’s just a whole lot more convenient for everyone. 

As always, Europe’s tiered licensing schemes can affect what rentals are available to you. However, if you have an unrestricted license, a full range of Yamaha’s current lineup can be rented. From NMAX 125s to Tricities of all sizes; from your choice of a regular Ténéré 700 or the Rally Raid version to a Niken GT, there are so many options available. 

A total of 30 different Yamaha YOU Rent locations are listed on the current map, at dealerships throughout Italy. There’s even one on the island of Sardinia, which should make your exploration of that beautiful isle a whole lot easier.  

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